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Need a speaker for your next event or group meeting?

Most of us want our lives to be more productive and less chaotic. With my experience as a professional organizer, counselor, and mom of five, I have the ideal presentation to inspire you to organize and simplify your life.

I would love to come and speak at your next conference, retreat, PTA or business meeting, MOPS group, or community group.

It is my passion and purpose to HELP you experience positive change in your life!


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My presentations will:

  • Empower you to reach your goals
  • Deliver practical solutions to make your life easier
  • Help you laugh and give yourself a break
  • Inspire you to take control of your clutter
  • Teach you time-tested tips to mange your home and kids

Are you ready to be inspired and have some fun?

I have SIX customized presentations to meet the specific needs of your group. Choose your topic from the list below.

Confident Mom Take A.C.T.I.O.N. and Simplify Your Life A pile of papers Conquer Your Paper Piles Once and for All!
  • Learn how to create and stick to an organizing plan using “mind mapping”.
  • Discover how much clutter is costing you and the emotional ties that keep you stuck.
  • Get easy to implement solutions to take back control of your home and life.
  • Learn what to do when you feel stuck and overwhelmed.
  • Discover the simple secrets to maintain your organized space once it’s set up.
  • Learn my “D”ecision Method for managing all the paper in your life.
  • Discover the secrets to a clean, organized, clutter-free work space.
  • Get the answers to why your brain is so full of clutter and how to clear your mental desk.
  • Create amazing paper managment systems that will really work for you.
  • Discover the secret to finding any document in 5 seconds or less.
A calendar Bust the Time Management Myths and Learn the Secrets to Real Productivity Kids Tips and Tools to Tame Kid Clutter
  • Learn the myths behind “time management” and how to implement “YOU management”.
  • Understand why perfectionism is not your friend and how to strive for excellence instead.
  • Discover the “BIG time thieves”, and put them in their place so you can be productive.
  • Create sytems to conquer procrastination and give you the clarity and focus you desire.
  • Learn the awesome benefits of creating SMART Goals in your life.
  • Learn how to organize the toys and crafts without stifling your child’s creativity.
  • Discover the tricks to running your family schedule rather than it running you.
  • Understand the importance of making your kids part of the organizing process.
  • Create a home enviromnment where your child thrives and learns valuable life skills.
  • Learn how to do all this and more, without losing your mind and acutally have fun!

Seasonal presentations include:

Colored Pencils Back to School Tips for an A+ Year
(August and September)
Christmas ornaments Turn Holiday Chaos into Holiday Calm!
  • Empower your family members to take responisbility and be part of the team.
  • Tap into your child’s unique learning style and watch them thrive.
  • Learn simple strategies for running a family command center.
  • Discover the keys to dealing with the barrage of achool paper and email that enters the house each day.
  • Learn the best practices for communicating with school staff (from a school counselor and teacher).
  • Learn how to love and enjoy the holidays and keep your sanity.
  • Discover time-tested organizing strategies that will have you kickin’ back and relaxin’ by the end of October.
  • Create systems that will make each year easier and easier.
  • Embrace flexibility and learn how to say “no”.
  • Learn how to NOT be Martha Stewart and why “It’s a good thing”.

Presentation times range from 1 to 2 hours.

to book your next speaking engagement or workshop.