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Put the “FUN” in Functional

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I just became a Pinner on Pinterest.  It’s so much fun and great for a visual person like me.  If you love organizing like I do please follow some of my Boards for some really fun ideas on dealing with clutter while keeping your home looking and feeling great!

This photo is a great example of style and function.  They used the space so well and the storage is amazing.  For more inspiration check out Ott To Get Organized, Simple Clutter Solutions, Beauty and Function and Paper Management.

Lots more to come….




Office Organization Video

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An organized work space will help your mind feel less cluttered, freeing you up for more creativity and productivity.

Being a visual person, I love watching great how-to videos.  Here is one from askthedecorator.com that I like on desk/organization. Check out some of her others.  She also has a couple on closet organizing that are very helpful .


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