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Six Tips for an Organized Closet

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Get Rid of Excess:  We all have too much stuff in our closets.  Get rid of anything with stains, holes/tears, clothes that do not fit, clothes you have not worn in years, or out of style items (ask your kids if they want them for “decades day” at school, or Halloween costumes).  Note: Make sure each closet has its own dedicated purpose; current wardrobe, seasonal clothing, housewares, linens, craft items, etc.  This article will focus on a clothing closet.

Hangers:  Get rid of wire hangers, they don’t support your clothes.  I like wooden hangers; they are strong, they hold the shape of your clothes, and have a nice uniform look.  I get mine at Ikea – they are very reasonably priced.  If you use plastic, get all one color for an organized feel, and make sure they are sturdy.  A great trick for keeping pants in place is to stick felt circles (the kind you put on the bottom of decorative items so they won’t scratch your furniture) on the top of the hanger bar.  Make getting dressed easier by coordinating your wardrobe.  Hang like items together (pants, shirts, skirts, etc.) and sort by color.

Note: Don’t forget to take the plastic off your dry cleaning, it doesn’t allow your clothes to breathe, which locks the chemicals in.


Sweaters: Keep sweaters sorted by color as well.  Hangers will ruin the shape of the shoulders over time.  Use shelf dividers to keep your stacks straight.  Another option is to use sweater boxes with labels, to protect your sweaters from dust and fading.  



Shoes:  There are so many options for shoe storage.  Use the one(s) that will help you utilize as much of your closet space as possible.  You can get over the door shoe racks,  plastic shoe boxes, stacking racks, spinning racks….and the list goes on.  Storables has a great selection.  Make sure you measure your space before you purchase the items.  If you can’t invest in shoe storage and you still have your shoe boxes, be sure to label them.  Post-it has a new removable label in a variety of colors, that work really well.



Purses and Handbags:  If you have the space, “S-hooks” are a nice option for hanging your bags.  They look great and keep your bags in good shape.  If you are short on hanging space, use clear bins, similar to shoe boxes, just larger.



Out of Season Clothing: If you have let go of as much as you possibly can, and you still have space issues, you may need to come up with an alternative space for off-season items.  Consider using under-the-bed boxes (I like the clear ones with wheels).  If you decide to store items in your basement or attic, make sure you use plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes (they will keep the bugs and moisture out).  Also be sure these areas maintain moderate temperatures and there are no serious moisture issues.  Don’t forget to label the contents. If light is an issue, you may want to use opaque bins.  If you have the space, a portable wardrobe closet, like the one shown is great for storing your off season clothing. Storables, Home Depot, and Lowes have a good selection.

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