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Before and After Closet Project

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Project! Simple Clutter Solutions in Action
Closet - before

Closet (before)

Closet - after
Closet (after)
My client and her family loved all the organizing we did:

“I saw Talia’s apartment on Saturday. It looks fantastic! You did a wonderful job! She is very proud of it and says she looks forward to coming home now. I know she is so relieved to not have that overwhelmed feeling she had before. She said she feels like her entire life is more organized now. Not only that, she says she gained a friend. She really enjoyed working with you and I know she is going to miss you. Thanks again for everything, Daniele. For taking time out of your busy schedule to dig in and help her right away and for being so wonderful to her. I told Talia we got lucky when we found you and I know she feels the same. Thanks again! The apartment looks wonderful and Talia is thrilled with everything!“

-Susan C. ~ Seattle

TIP:  Get rid of anything in your closet that is out dated, torn, stained, or you have not worn in over a year!  Once your closet is organized remember the one-in-one-out rule.  When a new pair of shoes comes in, an old pair goes out, and so on.