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Meet Daniele

danieleHi, I am Daniele Ott, Professional Organizer and owner of ‘Ott to Get Organized’.

I have been passionate about organizing since I was a kid. When my siblings were performing magic shows for the family, I was taking everyone on tours of my bedroom so they could get a glimpse of my organized closet and dresser drawers. Yeah…a little weird I know, but I have always loved the peaceful feeling of an organized space!

After graduating from Inglemoor High School I attended Seattle Pacific University, where I received a double major in Psychology and Human Environmental Sciences. This was a perfect blend for me because I have always believed that our environments have an incredible impact on our emotions and the way we live. The rest of my educational focus was Interior Design, Child and Family Studies, and Counseling. All of this has culminated into my passion and business – “Ott to Get Organized”.

My career path started in Social Services and currently I am a K-12 Counselor at Shoreline Christian School where I have also taught high school Life Skills.  Most of my volunteer time is spent at school doing things for my children, and at my church – Overlake Christian.

familyI am incredibly blessed to be married to my best friend, Jim, and we are the proud parents of our 5 children. When I surprised my husband with the news of our preganancy with our youngest, he promptly sat on the couch and didn’t move for 2 days. He’s fine now….and I think 7 is a nice number.  With all of my kids I have learned plenty of ‘mom tricks’ over the years to keep some order in our very busy lives, and I love to pass them on.

If you are a parent like me, who occasionally forgets their kid’s names, has to get the calculator out to remember how old you are, has had a few (hundred) unmatched socks in the laundry room…I can help you!! We have a lot on our plates these days and sensory overload is not uncommon. Through plenty of trial and error I have learned what works and I know how to help busy families save time and money by simplifying their surroundings at home and work. Contact me now and let’s talk about how you can organize and simplify your life.