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Have Yourself An Organized Christmas!

By · 12/11/2010
I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.  I love Christmas and I love decorating our home – let me rephrase that, I love the decorating once it is done.  For some, like my mom, it is effortless, for others, like me, it takes a little more work.   

So, I am always trying to simplify the Holidays and I’ll try any good organizing trick.  The less time we spend on the chores, the more time we have to do the fun stuff.  If you want to relax a little bit more and stress a little bit less, try some of my favorite Christmas tips.  

  • Start wrapping gifts early. Put post-it notes on your gifts so you can stack and store them easily.  Put the tags and bows on when you are ready to put them under the tree.    
  • Clear out the old to make room for the new.  Go through toys, clothes, and get rid of the strings of lights that no longer work.  If you have decorations that you are ready to retire, donate them.  If they are sentimental, but don’t fit in with your décor, try this.  Lay everything out on a table and have your children draw numbers.  The child who has #1 picks a decoration, and so on.  Let them decorate their bedrooms with them.  My kids used to love this.  
  • If you have scenes set up around your house, take a photo of each one.  When you take down that particular scene, put the decorations together in one storage container and tape the photo to the inside of the lid.  Label the container (i.e guest bathroom, dining room).  Next year will be a breeze.


  • Rather than re-decorating small, artificial trees and wreaths, store them away with the decorations on.  Large wreath boxes are available at most stores.  Wrap your trees in plastic wrap.  You can get large rolls at any moving or storage company (U-Haul, Public Storage).  Saran-wrap will also do the trick. 
  • If you send out Christmas cards, Store your addresses in a label template on your computer.  To print, all you have to do is click on “tools”, “letters and mailings”, and “envelopes and labels”.  All of the office supply stores carry holiday labels or you can use plain white Avery labels.  Each year you will only have to update the list, print and stick your labels on your envelopes.  You will save a lot of time, and your hand won’t hurt.  

I would love to hear some of your great ideas!  Please leave a reply.  Have a restful, happy Christmas and New Year!  


  1. Stefanie says:

    Here’s a tip for those strands of lights: as you take them down, wind them onto a piece of stiff cardboard. There’s probably plenty of boxes around from gifts, so cut pieces about 10″ square. In each one, cut two slits – one for each end of the strand. Costs less than the plastic ones you can buy from the store, and nothing to untagle next year!

  2. Daniele Ott says:

    Thanks Stefanie. Great idea!

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